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My latest book, The Big Book of SONAR Tips, is now available. This 311-page PDF eBook contains 120 advanced tips for Cakewalk's SONAR recording/sequencing software, and includes chapters on MIDI, Signal Processing, Workflow, Automation, Step Sequencing and Beats, Melodyne, and much more.

The book organizes, categorizes, updates, and supplements the tips presented in my "Friday's Tip of the Week" thread on the Cakewalk web site, which has amassed over a third of a million views. Although most tips are SONAR-specific, many of them can be adapted to other DAWs as well.


I'm writing a series of articles for Harmony Central on the differences among the various 2017 Gibson Les Paul models. These aren't reviews, but instead, explain (for example) what makes the Traditional model "traditional," and how something like the Les Paul Classic differs from other models. I'm learning a lot about guitars in the process, so I hope other guitar players find it interesting as well.