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YouTube Channel with music videos, instructional videos, and more

Craig Anderton Interview with extensive biographical material from One Louder magazine

The Twitter feed at twitter.com/craig_anderton features updates about upcoming articles, products, tips, and more

​Craig Anderton's Sound, Studio, and Stage discussion forum on Harmony Central, open to all 24/7

Friday Tip of the Week - every Friday, there's a new tip for PreSonus Studio One as part of the PreSonus blog. A lot of these tips apply to other DAWs as well.

Craig Anderton

Read the Latest Excerpt from the "Musician's Guide to Home Recording" 

My studio project for 2018, "Joie de Vivre," is in final mastering and assembly. It will be previewed on my YouTube channel starting the evening of November 11, 2018. Watch for it!

Author Bobby Owsinki has done a ton of podcasts on his website, and I'm featured in Episode #232. To hear the podcast, just click here. I also recommend visiting his site in general - he covers a lot of interesting news items (this episode gives the lowdown on the Music Modernization Act), and his interviews are more like a conversation than the usual Q&A - there's the backstory on Electronic Projects for Musicians, my time at Gibson, and what's coming up in the world of music.

Reverb.com has published another excerpt from my series Musician's Guide to Home Recording, published by Hal Leonard. The article's called Optimizing Latency with Computer Recording: How to Fix Your Audio Interface's Delay, and is from the book How to Choose and Use Audio Interfaces. The book covers the following topics:

  • ​The significance of analog and digital connections and how to use them
  • The differences between USB, FireWire, Thunderbolt, and PCIe for Windows and Mac computers
  • Available device options, from portable units to interfaces with mixers
  • Special requirements involved in recording guitar
  • The function of drivers and accessory programs (like software mixers)
  • How to minimize audio interface latency with computers
  • How and why to choose a particular sample rate and bit resolution
  • The “high-resolution audio” controversy
  • The importance and use of microphone preamps
  • How to expand an existing interface for more inputs
  • How to understand manufacturers’ specifications
  • Special features that are unique to particular interfaces

I'm Featured in a Bobby Owsinki Podcast...!