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New Music: Joie de Vivre! is my music video album project for 2018, which is all about rock meets EDM, and arranged as a continuous mix. Also check out my latest single, All Over Again (Every Day).And of course...there's more to come in the months ahead.

These 128 multiband presets, custom designed for the Line 6 Helix Floor, Rack, Native, and LT versions, split the guitar into multiple frequency bands and process each band individually. The resulting sound brings out a level of articulation and clarity—as well as stereo imaging—you’ve never heard before out of single-band distortion. Optimized for chords, these big, bold presets optimize the existing amp sounds (although many presets also include effects), and are essential Helix additions.

The preset pack is available for$29.95 (download only)from the Line 6.com marketplace, and also includes documentation on how to use, customize, and get the most out of this innovative preset collection. Check out the sounds in the demo video!

Dynamics are a crucial emotional component of all types of music, so it’s important to apply dynamics processing in an effective, musical way. This book brings years of production expertise to an easy-to-understand, comprehensive guide about all aspects of dynamics, including DSP and automation.Now available as a PDF download for $9.95 from the Presonus shop, you can preview the table of contents here.

​As Arnd Kaiser (General Manager – PreSonus Software) says, “I love this book. It's great to have so much essential and relevant information condensed into a single document. This is could easily become the de-facto reference for Studio One users on all things ‘dynamics.’ Very cool—and highly recommended.”

Craig Anderton

Personal Appearances

My main workshop for Summer 2019 is "How to Create Compelling Mixes." First presented at MTSU, this workshop covers what makes the difference between a mix and a compelling mix, by describing techniques and secrets about how you can grab your listeners' attention, keep them hooked, and leave them wanting more.

  • ​July 18-20, Summer NAMM, Nashville, TN:How to Create Compelling Mixes TEC Tracks session. Dates and times to be announced.