Track Listing

1  However You Show Up

2 Joie de Vivre

3 To Say "No" Would Be a Crime (Remix)

4 Lilianna

5 Erekandi

6 Because You Matter

7 Reunited (the Loop)

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Joie de Vivre! is my new album project for 2018, which is all about rock meets EDM. It includes final versions of three songs previewed on YouTube earlier this year, with four new songs (including a remix of the song "To Say 'No' Would Be a Crime" from last year's Simplicity album), all arranged as a continuous mix. The songs were recorded during 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee.

"Joie de Vivre!" Album Now Posted

I've fallen a bit behind with the weekly tips - finishing up book #8 in the series "Musician's Guide to Home Recording" monopolized my time. I hope to be caught up soon, thanks for your patience!

Craig Anderton