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The vocal is the most important part of any song: it’s the conversation that forms a bond between performer and listener. And now, years of production expertise have been folded in to  an easy-to-understand, comprehensive guide about recording great vocals. Topics include choosing a mic, recording techniques, using DSP, equalization, dynamics processing, pitch correction, reverb, delay, layering, comping, harmonizing, automation, and much more. An additional chapter on performance tips goes beyond technology to explore not just how to obtain great sounds, but how to create compelling vocal performances.

  • Profusely illustrated, 121-page eBook
  • Covers everything from microphones to the final mix
  • Tips on creating compelling vocal performances
  • Links from contents page to topics
  • Filled with practical, real-world examples

Available now for $9.99 (download only) from the PreSonus Shop

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Personal Appearances

  • March 31, Sunday: Synthplex, Burbank, CA. Synthplexis a brand new annual “All Things Synthesizer” festival/event. It includes experiences and events such as: Trade Show Exhibits (where you can buy gear), Educational & Technology Seminars, Synthesizer History Lectures, Master Q&A Sessions with Industry Legends (synth & keyboard performers, soundtrack composers, sound designers, legendary synth designers, etc.), DIY synth building workshops, Live Synth Concerts all weekend long, a Pop-up Synth Museum featuring some rare synths that you can touch, and also a Gala Dinner Banquet with live performances and a keynote speaker.

Craig Anderton

Joie de Vivre! is my music video album project for 2018, which is all about rock meets EDM. It includes final versions of three songs previewed on YouTube earlier this year, with four new songs (including a remix of the song "To Say 'No' Would Be a Crime" from last year's Simplicity album), all arranged as a continuous mix. The songs were recorded during 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee.

New eBook: "How to Record and Mix Great Vocals in Studio One"