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Listen to the complete "Neo-" video album and all 12 singles

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Web Resources

Craig Anderton's Sound, Studio, and Stage discussion forum on Harmony Central, open to all 24/7

Craig Anderton YouTube Channel with music videos, instructional videos, and more

Friday's Tip of the Week presents a new, DAW-related tip every Friday on the Cakewalk web site

Craig Anderton Interview with extensive biographical material from One Louder magazine

Upcoming Appearances

​Executive Roundtable at Winter NAMM...stay tuned for details.

Welcome, and thank you for stopping by. This is the place to check out my music, find out about upcoming personal appearances, see slide shows from my workshops, and more. Please check back at least once a month to see what's new, and feel free to share anything that's here.

The "AdrenaLinn Guitars" sample library, which has been out of print since M-Audio stopped doing loop libraries, will be available in the Fall. 

official site

Almost half a century later, the infamous lost Mandrake album has been unearthed -and "3-Part Inventions" has actually been released. Click the News tab.

 Craig Anderton

My new album project, "Simplicity," is now posted on YouTube. The full set of singles is posted too.

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