Back in the days when home recording meant a four-track tape recorder and bouncing tracks to tape get around track limitations, I wrote the book Home Recording for Musicians. It was very well-received, but over time became outdated, so I always wanted to update it.

However, as the world of home recording became more complex the idea of a single book became impractical. Mac or Windows? Beats or linear recording? MIDI? Virtual instruments or miking conventional ones? Hardware or plug-ins? There are too many different aspects of recording, and too many ways to record, to fit in a single, sprawling volume.

The Musician’s Guide to Home Recording is a series of books that covers a variety of topics in detail. Readers can choose individual books to increase their knowledge in specific areas, or treat the series as a complete course and cover selected topics at their own pace. The first three titles are How to Choose and Use Audio Interfaces, How to Apply Equalization, and How to Record and Mix Great Vocals. The next three books - tentatively titled Microphones for the Recording Musician (written with Phil O'Keefe), How to Create Compelling Mixes, and How to Get the Best Sounds Out of Amp Sim Software - will be appearing next, with more to come.  

The books are available in print as softcover titles, or as a new type of electronic publication being introduced on The electronic versions load fast on desktop or mobile (even with cellular connections), auto-resume across devices, allow quick search / note taking / bookmarking for easy reference, and have a mobile-responsive book design that looks great on smartphones and tablets.

For more information or to purchase the individual titles, see the links below.

​How to Choose and Use Audio Interfaces (electronic version or print softcover)

How to Record and Mix Great Vocals (electronic version or print softcover)

How to Apply Equalization (electronic version or print softcover)

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The first three books in the Musician's Guide to Home Recording  are here!