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Craig Anderton

Looking for the blog on my June travels to Between the Waves, GearFest, and Summer NAMM linked to from other sites? It's in the "Semi-Blog" page on the site. 

Although I've been concentrating on writing the multi-volume series Musician's Guide to Home Recording for Hal Leonard (click the News & Products tab for more information), I certainly haven't stopped writing for magazines and web sites. Here are some of the most recent articles.

Guitar Player: My October Tech Support column, which is now online at GuitarPlayer.com, uses the Line 6 Helix Native plug-in to create a new type of reverb sound that emulates being onstage—the sound “blooms” over time, like the way that the reverb sound bounces of a hall’s walls before you hear it. Also, the initial reverb sound won’t “step on” the note that creates the reverb. The same techniques apply to other reverbs, but Helix Native makes it particularly easy.

Pro Sound News:
The latest Software Tech article, 96 kHz vs. 44.1 kHz: Let’s Settle This is now online. I’ve been researching the hypothesis that both the pro and con higher-sample-rate advocates are right, because the difference is situational. Although I can’t speak to all possible differences, there can be a major, obvious difference when working “in-the-box” with some (but not all) virtual instruments and amp sims.

How to Record and Mix Great Vocals book excerpt: This is one of the books in the series “Musician’s Guide to Home Recording,” published by Hal Leonard, and reverb.com has published an excerpt—check out the chapter on Double-Tracking, Harmonizing, and Layering: How to Record and Mix Multiple Vocals.

Sweetwater inSync: I’ve been writing a lot for Sweetwater lately. 10 Timely Tips for Recording with Drum Plug-Ins includes multiple ways to make virtual drums sound better, more alive, and most of all, more expressive. And if you're a guitar player, you'll want to find out about 3 Awesome Melodyne Tricks for Guitarists - like how to convert guitar parts into MIDI, and the possibilities that opens up.

PreSonus Blog: My latest post, The Virtual "How Does It Sound in a Car? Tester, tells how to use effects to emulate the sound of listener to your mix in a car - and it won't cost you a penny in gas :)

Sound on Sound: The upcoming Cakewalk by BandLab column for November is about ten timely tips for the TTS-1. This workhorse General MIDI instrument has been around since the earliest days of Sonar, and some figure because it’s free, it can’t be any good. But ignore it at your own peril—and find out how to get the most out of this useful GM module.

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