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 Craig Anderton

Attendees at the Between the Waves conference in Madison, WI last summer. It's confirmed, I'll be back in 2018...see you then!

Listen to the new music video on my YouTube channel - Lilianna! If you like it, "like" it, subscribe, and share the link

Selected books are now being sold on! Latest additions are Equalization De-Mystified and The Big Book of SONAR Tips.

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The "AdrenaLinn Guitars" sample library, which has been out of print since M-Audio stopped doing loop libraries, will be available soon. 

Web Resources

Craig Anderton's Sound, Studio, and Stage discussion forum on Harmony Central, open to all 24/7

Craig Anderton YouTube Channel with music videos, instructional videos, and more

Craig Anderton Interview with extensive biographical material from One Louder magazine

Upcoming Appearances

​Executive Roundtable at Winter NAMM 2017: MIDI - The Force Awakens

Thursday, January 25 — 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Avila room (Level 4) at the Anaheim Hilton.

Description:There's a lot happening in the world of MIDI, and this panel will be an update with executives from Yamaha, Google, the MIDI Manufacturers Association, QSC, MK2 Image Ltd., and TMA (The MIDI Association) about the implications of MIDI extensions. There will be opposing viewpoints and probably some controversy, so come and get the inside scoop.

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